Bucket List

There are always things that People want to do in their lives. Some things change, and some things stay the same. But there is always a core group of stuff that a person wants to accomplish in life. I have listed my following. I will slowly add to the list as I spend more time thinking about it. But here is the start. 

1. Graduate from TCU with my Bachelors
2. Graduate with my Masters Degree
3. Get Engaged and marry the man of my dreams 
4. Start a family
5. Run a Half Marathon (Started training for a 10K) 
6. Fit in my jeans from high school 
7. Pay off my Credit Card Debit
8. Pay off my Student Loan 
9. Visit all 50 States (Check here for my progress)
10. Learn to cook 
11. Learn to Wake Board
12. Swim with Dolphins
13. Go white water rafting
14. Travel to Italy
15. Buy a new car

That is it for now!!! 

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