Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer list

Wow it has certainly been quite some time since I have written a post. I figured the best way to start back is to do a summer bucket list!! (I just love list!)

1. Increase my running mileage to 15 miles a week.
2. Get in a minimal of 4 days of 60+ minutes of activity
3. Try new classes at the YMCA. So far I have tried 2!! And really enjoyed them
4. Get into yoga
5. Crossfit!!! First class is this Saturday.
6. Take several trips to see some friends
7. Get Blue (the kitty) to lose 4 lbs. She went to the vet today and is 14 lbs!!!
8. Organize my crap. Yes my crap. I need to declutter and get rid of stuff
9. Finish 3 books. Two are the Duck Dynasty books and I need help on another one!! Any suggestions
 And last but not least
10. Get rid of my damn headaches!! I have been some major headaches again lately. I need to really figure out the problem.

That's it for me today.  My bestie is one here way to town and I need to get ready. I miss her!!!
Hope ya have a great day!!