Thursday, December 27, 2012


I have had a pretty stiff back the last week or so. It has lead me to notice how amazingly tight and in flexible I am. Enough that bending down to tie my shoes in the morning is not easy. So, after much thought and research I have decided to try Yoga.

Has anyone had a good experience with it?  Let me know!

Monday, December 17, 2012

5 for five!!

Link Up 
Here is my Link Up with Jen and Jessica

Here is out last week went. 


Half Way/ So-So


1. Do not eat fast food at all:  I ate at Sonic one night. It was dang gooooood though :) 

2. Finish ALL my Christmas shopping:  Done and Done! I got up Saturday morning and ran some major errands. Even have all my "Santa" Gifts picked out :) 

3. Complete week 2 of my couch to 10K:  I got 2 days in.  Not as good as I wanted. But 2 is better than nothing! 

4. Finish my bowl picks: Got both sets done and turned in

5. Find an outfit for Ashleys Wedding this weekend: While I was running errands on Saturday, I happen to find a super cute dress for the Wedding at Target. I got a lot of compliments on it. 

I think I did pretty decent for my first week. None of them I totally missed on. Lets see if I can do the same for this upcoming week. 

1. Stop saying 'I am sorry' as much. I have gotten into a really bad habit of telling people I am sorry. Even if I didn't do anything wrong! 

2. Enjoy my Birthday: My Birthday is Thursday!! I am super excited for it. I turn the big 27. That is way to close to 30 than I would like it to be

3. Get to week 3 of my running: Since I didn't finish Week 2 last week. I need to at least make a dent in Week 3. I would  love to be able to do all of it. We shall see

4. No Carbs for lunch. I have gained some weight. It doesn't make me happy at all. I love all the Christmas and Holiday foods. My goal is to not have any carbs for lunch. Lunch is the easiest meal for me to plan and take to work.   

5. Take pictures of all the Christmas decorations and make a post about it. 

If you want to see how some other people are doing on their 5 for five.. catch up with Julie and Megan. See how they are doing! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I absolutely love the Christmas Season.  My family doesn't really have many "Traditions" for Christmas. My mom did ask me the other day if I have any good memories from our Christmas and I came up with a few. 
  • The smell of coffee. (My grandmother is the only one in the family to drink to drink it)
  • My dad always  trying to take pictures of everyone on Christmas Morning. 
  • These little chocolate balls my mom put in the bottom of my Stocking 
  • Our family dog getting a red soccer ball 
  • Cinnamon rolls as the go to breakfast! 

This year, I am starting a new one with my immediate family. Pinterest gave me the idea of course! Each person in my family gets a specific wrapping paper. I wrap all their gifts in that specific paper, but I put NO name tags on them.  On Christmas morning, I will put something in each persons stocking that is wrapped in their paper. Then they will know that all the presents under the tree, in that paper is theirs!!   I am really excited for it. I just hope I don't mess up and forget whose paper is for who!!

I am looking for some new Holiday Traditions to start. Does anyone have any good ones? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

5 for five

Link Up 

So I have decided to join this 5 for five link up. It is hosted by Jessica  and Jen. I have some friends who have been doing it, and I decided to jump on the band wagon!! I make a list every day when I get to work of things I need to accomplish, so this will be good for my personal life!!.... here we go... 

5 Goals I want to accomplish this week. 

1. Do not eat fast food at all: I have been really trying to cut this out of my diet. 

2. Finish ALL my Christmas shopping: Friday is pay day. I am hoping that Friday Moring/Saturday Afternoon I can check off everything in my Christmas Planner

3. Complete week 2 of my couch to 10K: I am planning on running a 10 K in April sometime. 

4. Finish my bowl picks: I am in 2 bowl pick games. I need to finish these ASAP

5. Find an outfit for Ashleys Wedding this weekend: A friend of mine is getting married on Satuday. I am so excited to see her marry the love of her life! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

About time..

 It seems as though my last post was October 23rd. That was quite some time ago!! I can't believe that I haven't posted anything. Actually that is kind of a lie. I can. I have just been so busy with the Holiday Season! I am a HUGE fan of Christmas. Partially because my birthday is a couple days before it :)

Well whats new in the last couple months you ask? Sadly, I don't have much to report. I have hopped back on the work out train. I chose to get on the slow moving train. I have cut back on eating those dang Sonic Reese Blast (with no whip), fast food, and the biggest of all... I have cut out Dr. Peppers. Out of all of those, the Sonic Reese Blast have been the hardest to cut out!!

I ran the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with my family. It was a 5K. Didn't have a great race time, but I didn't try to hard either. I did realize that after the race, I wasn't too tired. I was sore (that is what happens when you don't work out for months) but I wasn't "challenged". So I got to thinking, I have run quite a few 5K races in the last 2 years. Its time to move up. So I have challenged myself to a 10K. I downloaded a new app, (what in the world would we do without apps now a days?) and started from Week 1, Day 1. My end goal is to run in the Blue Bell 10K in April. I had originally planed for another one. But my run-happy roommate wants to run the Blue Bell one. Why this one you ask? Ohh, because in Texas we have an amazing ice cream called Blue Bell. The race is in the hometown of Blue Bell. After the race, each runner is allotted as much Blue Bell Ice Cream they can eat.... hence, why I have said yes to running the Blue Bell Race in Brenham. (Brenham is hilly. I am nervous)

I did get a chance to go out of town to Fort Worth to catch TCU play Oklahoma last weekend. While there I got to see my best friend and hang out with her for a while.  She got a new kitten the other day, and I fell in love with her. Makes me miss when Blue was small like that.

The Boyfriend and I 

My Bestie, Skye, and I.

Sold out crowd at The Carter!

Tried the panorama function 

Other side of the stadium 

Anthony and I walked around the outside of the stadium at halftime. That is the backside of the score board. 

Lez... cutest thing I have seen in a while! 

Look at her big eyes! 

Besides that, I have just been busy buying Christmas gifts and decorating our apartment and the boyfriends house. I will have to do another post with all the pictures of the decorations!

Hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


These past couple days I have been in a pretty bad mood. If you read my last post, I was suppose to go out of town this past weekend and have a blast. I still went out of town, but it wasn't the weekend I planned. I did get see some great friends. I have two friends that live out of Texas that both came to town this weekend. I got to catch up with both of them, and that was amazing. Then I got to see and hang out at my Besties new townhouse. It was pretty dang cool.

So, this morning I decided that I needed a pick me up. So I gave myself a little pep talk in the car and that worked to an extent. But then I remembered the one thing that would make me cry because I am laughing so hard..... the Humor section on Pinterest!  so I have posted several that made me laugh and cry. Enjoy :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Not usual!

So today is usually my Friday link up. It is going to be a crazy and fun-filled weekend. So I have decided to skip this week. I will have a huge update on the awesome weekend ahead :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: I will never truly like you!! That is okay though. Dear Nails: I really really need to get you done! I just need to find time. Dear Real Housewives of New Jersey: OMG I watched the reunion last night and I can't believe there is so much drama on there. Teresa is completely crazy! Dear Blue: I wish you were more cuddly. Only sometimes do you cuddle with me. Dear Roommate: I loved our Walmart trip for groceries only to go out to dinner that night too :) Dear TCU Football: THANK YOU for beating up on those Baylor Bears!!! SUCKS TO BU. Dear This weekend: It will be super exciting. I get to go to Homecoming. Watch us kick Techs butt. I get to see my Bestie AND I get to see an old friend I haven't seen in almost 4 years. 

and last but not least

Dear Boyfriend: You come home today. Tomorrow, We celebrate our 1 year anniversary. This is a huge milestone and I am really excited for it. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

InstaFriday Link Up

Hello my blogging friends! It is Friday again. Lets look back at what this week held. 

I am linking up with the great Jeannett @ Life Rearranged. 

MNF! Anthony and I had some friends over to watch the Texans become 5-0! They were playing the New Jersey Jets. Even though I was all about the Texans winning. I had to cheer on # 11 from the Jets. Jeremy Kerley! We went to college together. He had a pretty good game!

Blue has been extremely cuddly lately. She was distracted by something when I tried to take a picture the other day. Look how fluffy she is!! Also look at super cute brown jacket hanging in the back ground. My mom and I found it on SUPER sale at this store in Graham, Texas. The store was closing in 2 days and trying to get rid of everything. 

So a couple months ago, I was leaving town and this ADORABLE puppy ran in front of my truck. I ended up taking it to the shelter because I was on my way out of town for a week. He was by far the cutest thing ever. On the way to the shelter he fell fast asleep in the truck and was snoring!  I put his picture on Facebook in hopes that someone would possibly want him. A friend that I use to live overseas with happen to be living in the same town as me and saw his picture. He went and adopted the young puppy. This is a picture of Willie from yesterday. He is almost 70 lbs and " crazy laid back"

Julie and I went to dinner last night at Carabas. Super freaking yummy by the way. As we were leaving the sky just look absolutely amazing. So I had to take a picture

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I have made more wreaths (3) this year than I have ever made. This one was made for Anthony's house. 

Julie's boyfriend came to town for a couple days. So we made sure that we all got together for dinner one night. Also made sure that we rocked his world by putting some Chuys creamy jalapeno and queso together. 

Last but not least. Judith! She was super sad while Anthony was packing for his trip to Austin. She looked like she was going to cry. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally able to get things done!

I have been trying to make this blog  better. I am still pretty new to the blogging world. 

I finally finished My Story section. I noticed that as I was blog hoping around, the first thing 
I went to read was the About Me section of peoples blogs. 
From there I knew if I wanted to continue reading or not. So I finished mine!! 
Here it is..... My Story

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: I am not feeling you today. 
Dear Weather: Please make up your mind. Hot or Cold. 
Dear Body: I am trying to keep you healthy, but sadly I think this weather maybe winning.

Sadly- This is all!!  I feel like poop and want to go home and sleep. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


Here we go again!! This weeks pictures are slim. I have been pretty busy this week. 

 Linking up with Jeanett@LifeRearranged 

 We finally got DirecTV in our office. I can not tell you how excited I am for this! Just in time for me to have Saturday Treatments 
 Jude and I have been going for walks in the mornings on my late weeks. He white husky with us is the next door neighbors dog. He just roams around during the day. So he has been joining us on the walks

 Jude and I! 

 I started semi decorating for Halloween. I am still starting to grow my collection of decorations. 

 These are fake pumkins from Michaels. 50% off!! 

I actually made the jars from candle stick holders, and glass jars. The spider web and skeletons are all from the $1 store! 

That is all I have for today. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 am wake up call

I had a weird dream last night. It woke me up. No big deal. Went to pee. Tried to go back to sleep
Feel asleep peacefully......nope, laid there for almost an hour
 Sadly, everything was going through my mind. Not good things. I hate when at 3 am, I am wide awake and I start to worry about things. .
My cat

Anyone else ever have this happen to them? Any advice? 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: I honestly woke up this morning and was not pleased that it was Monday again. But then I thought about it and remembered some great things happen today. 

Dear 1st of October: I love you, I am so glad you are here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these next three months. 

Dear Pay Day: yay!! Need I say more?

Dear Weather: You are absolutely gorgeous right now. Took the dog for a walk this morning and it was gorgeous. 
Dear Boyfriend: I had absolutely the best Sunday with you. 

Dear Danna: Can we please have a Halloween party the first weekend in November? 

Dear Roommate: I know how excited you are that your man is coming to town on Thursday. Let me know if there is anything you need me to do! I want to make sure you get as much time with him!! 

Last but not least

Dear Life: This is going to sound extremely corny, but I really love you right now. Good things are happening, I have great people in my life and I couldn't be more thankful for that. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta-Friday Link Up

 Friday, I love you!! Last Friday, I sadly missed the Link-Up. I actually had a Friday night off (That is super rare in the fall) so I decided to work on grad school stuff and relax. So I am back in full force for today's Insta-Friday Link Up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged 

I got to go on a private jet to a football game. 
I think that is pretty legit. 
I saw the sunrise
I saw the sunset

Oh my loving boyfriend
He slept on the plane ride to the game 
He will kill me if he sees I put this on here :) 

So we went to Anthonys parents house on Sunday to Celebrate his dads birthday
We watched football most the time 
These 2 did not watch the game

Wednesday night, Julie and I went Hooters with some other ATs in the area. 
She pointed this out 
I got a great laugh out it
I thought about ordering it
If the waitress had come over within 30 minutes of that thought
then again... she never came over.. I had to get up to get my own water
Good thing I wasn't paying

Dumb Replacement refs 
Please go to this website.... Replacement Google
It is hilarious
THANK GOD the real refs are back :) 

Someone put this on Facebook. It really hit home the day I read it. 

Can someone please point out the mistake?
Its okay if you don't see it right away
Neither did Mike or I
I finally caught it about 3 hours later....yes... 3 hours later

Anthony and I.
People like this picture.
I think its okay. 

Our Pilot/Anthony's roommate
Thank you Mike for flying us!!
Good Luck on your interview on the 1st!!! 

I tried something new with my hair on Sunday
It turned out quite well 
Will have to try it again some time soon!

Hope everyone has a great and exciting weekend. We are suppose to get rain all  Friday Night- Sunday Morning. I am one happy girl about that. Nothing better than laying on the couch and letting it rain outside!