Friday, August 31, 2012

Insta-Friday Link UP

Well, Friday has creeped up on me again. I will be linking up with Jeannett@liferearranged for a another Insta-Friday Link Up :) 

Enjoy some fun pictures

Blue was  napping and I woke her up to try and get a cute picture

Today is College Color Day  so I got my Purple Socks on!! Go TCU 

Jude had been at a friends house for a 
couple days and was getting some 
snuggle time with dad!! But 
she was camera shy for this shot

The storm moving in... yet no rain came out of it :(

I finally got her to semi look at me.... she is adorable :) 

Sadly these are the only pictures I have this week. It was the first week back at school PLUS I began Grad school this week so I was super busy.... I promise to have more next week!! Hope everyone has a great weekend :) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: Today I truly love you. It is the first day of school and that means, the crazy football schedule is no longer here. I firmly now welcome the calender that my Co-Worker puts together, because I can schedule things now... MONTHS in advance. Dear Roommate: What a great little girls day we had yesterday! I think it was VERY needed by both of us. Dear Mom: Thank you for being so awesome. I had a great time at dinner Friday Night. I am glad that you and are I becoming better friends the older I get. I am also very sorry for being a spoiled rotten teenager. I wish I could change it. Dear Boyfriend: You make me laugh soo soo hard, and thank you for caring about my stupid worry-wart-ness that kept me wide awake at 4 am this morning. Dear Tennis: I am super glad I am getting back into playing you again. I really feel like I get a good work out. Dear TCU football: 11 days!!!!! 

Last but not least 

Dear Blue: why in the world would put your stuffed animal in my scentsy??? 

That is all 

Friday, August 24, 2012

InstaFriday Link Up

 Today I am Linking up with Jeannett@Life Rearranged For InstaFriday.  I have been looking forward to Friday to be able to post some awesome pictures!!

This was the 1st Bass that I caught!! Ignore how crappy I look

A Gorgeous Peacock feather that were around Granddads

Ryan was trying to shot a bird. 

Dirt Road Anthem
We drank majority of these!

No comment!

The was the looking right outside the house, many gorgeous Oak trees

We were pretty out of place!

I think this was the majority of the guns shot. 

My Mom and I at the Astros Game

Brother and Dad!! They are the same height!!!!

The New Tennis skirt that I REALLY REALLY want!!!

The nail color I got last the other day!! I am trying to get Fall to come quicker!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List Update

At the beginning of the summer, I made a summer bucket list. I had sooo many things planned and was so excited for what the summer would hold. 

The summer held alot of my laying around on my butt watching Grey Anatomy on Netflix

So I am going to go through what I PLANNED on doing, and what I actually accomplished. 

Lose 10 lbs - lost 8 lbs!! 
Get back into my Weight Watchers- Accomplished 
Go to Six Flags-  Accomplished  
Get to see Family- Accomplished  
See Friends - Accomplished  
Check off at least 1 new state- Accomplished (Nebraska and Iowa)
Buy a Life Planner -  Accomplished  
Save enough for my next semester of school - Semi....
Complete 3 Pinterest crafts - Failed
Cook 10 new meals (Easy Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken) - Semi Failed
Score at least 7 points in a SINGLE racket ball game - Failed
Join a tennis ladder - Failed
Meet Linda Fairstein  -  Accomplished   
Finish 3 books - 2/3 isn't to bad!!
 Run a 5K -  Accomplished July 4th
Post 2 blog entries (besides my weekly Monday) Weekly- FAILED
Get 3 new followers - Got One!!! 

9/17 is not TOO shabby. I do wish it could have been more. But hey, as long as I attempted it, then I think I did better than anyone who never attempted it. 

There are some things in the fall that I would like to get accomplished, for the most part they are part of my New Years Resolutions. I will do a post on that at a later day. 

What are some of peoples resolutions that they are still working on? 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Totally Different Weekend

If you read my last post, you would know that I went to a Ranch for the weekend.

I am not a big outdoorsy/hunting/kill hogs/fish type of girl. Don't get me wrong, I love to fish off a dock, in the shade, and just catch perch. But this past weekend, I was taken out of my element and given a whirl-wind experience of the outdoors.  Not only was I the one who dressed completely out of place, BUT I was the won who came in 2nd in our little shooting game, and I caught two pretty decent sized bass.

I am not really sure how to explain the whole weekend, besides saying that I had an absolute blast. We spent the majority of the time watching the boys shoot guns, and spot lightening animals for them to kill. After the girls took a much needed afternoon nap Saturday, we went back out to the pond to shoot some guns ourselves. Talk about fun!! I was really nervous about it. I had only shot a gun once before, and semi-enjoyed the experience. So needless to say I was a newby when it came time to shooting the guns. A friend tried to show me how to shoot his gun, I totally put my eye in the wrong place to look.. Opps!! After all was said and done, I am a pretty decent shot, and I really like shooting certain guns.
 (Some I do not! Anthony made me shot all three of his, including the one he keeps in the night stand) 

Before we left on Sunday, a couple of us decided to kill an hour by fishing in the pond that was right near the house. Second cast in- I had a bass!!! It reminded me of when my grandparents lived on the lake years ago. I would spend my summers fishing off their dock, catching, kissing and throwing back the perch.  It was always so much fun.  I ended up catching two pretty decent size bass, and one perch that got off the hook before I could reel it all the way in. 

This was one of those weekends, that I tried something new, adventurous and I loved it! I have done alot of things in my 27 years, but it seems that since moving back to the states, my adventurous side has died down some. I have gotten into a simple routine and gotten scared to try new things.  So, the lesson I learned from this weekend is that I need to continue doing things out of the box, do things that scare me, do things that are out of my normal element.

Does anyone have any ideas? Id love some to try!! 

Friday, August 17, 2012


This is the day, I would normally link up for InstaFriday. Sadly, my time at work was crazy busy and there wasn't even a minute I was able to sit down and do it.

I would do it now, but I don't am typing this on my phone and service is spotty. So instead I decided to post about something I love....road trips.

This weekend we had planned a road trip to the ranch with some friends. Originally I had to work Friday night and would have missed driving there with everyone that afternoon. But some how or another, God has a soft spot for me and my VB games tonight got moved to an away game which have me the night off!!

So now I'm in the back seat of the massive King Ranch Truck enjoying the Texas hillside scenery as someone else drives. How much better this get? There is something about going on a short road trip that just rejuvenated and excites me. It's a small vacation without the big cost, the not being in a familiar place, the excitement of what the weekend could bring, and the relaxation of knowing you have nothing you have to do.

What could make this trip any better you ask? I have some great friends with me, one amazing boyfriend, get to experience a whole other side of life, I get to shoot guns... Well it's the fact that there is no cell phone reception there. I am so excited about that. While at PK over the summer I learned to enjoy the life of no cell technology, it was a quite refreshing.

So come Monday, I will hopefully have lots of pictures and a great post.
Hope everyone has a great weekend !!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Love

I have recently found a new love in my life. It is the Reeses Sonic Blast from obviously Sonic. I am absolutely in love with them. They are delicious. Just look at it! 

I would like to thank 2 people in my life for this obsession.

 1. My roommate. She got me onto the Ched'R'Peppers there. So, it got me going there to get those. 

2. My loving boyfriend. He got a shake or some sort of Reese's dessert from Culvers one day. That is what got me into the Reese's into ice cream thing. 

So as I was at sonic one day getting Ched'R'Peppers, I was craving some chocolate. I remember how good the thing from Culvers was, so I thought I'd give it shot..... I heard the birds singing, and the choir and all of it. It was heavenly! 

on a completely random side note - I joined twitter a couple weeks ago, and I am really starting to enjoy it. So, if you are on it and aren't following me... feel free. My name is @megmoney08. I only have 8 followers. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Edition

Dear Weather: Thank  You for being semi cool during these last couple football practices. This morning was super nice. Thank you. Dear Erin Condren: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner. Dear Weight Watchers: I am not sure how I lost last week, but thank you scales for showing me a good  number. Dear Family: We had a great and peaceful time Saturday at dinner, and the Astros game. An even better time playing doubles tennis with everyone. Dear Little Brother: Good Luck in your Sophomore Year @ TCU. I am proud of you. Dear Me: You need to learn to keep secrets to yourself. Regardless of how happy you are about things that are going on. Just be calm!

Happy Monday to Everyone!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Linking up

I have been searching for quite some while to find a link up that I actually find interesting. I FINALLY found one!!!! Yeah!! 
It just happens to incorporate my favorite app on my Iphone.... drum roll please... instagram!! 

You know, that small little app that became popular a couple months ago. It was recently bought out by Facebook for a TON of money. Rumor has it, it only had close to 10 employees at the time. That is awesome. 

So I have linked up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. This is my first attempt!! Here is to meeting new bloggers and having a great time taking pictures :) 

Love of my life

My Roommate!!! 

My cat was yawning when I tried to take a picture of her lazy/comfy looking behind!!!

My Football coach randomly walked up to me and asked me to hold something for him... it was this frog. He goes " A frog for a HornFrog"

Yeah... football practices!!

I learned about these in April from a fiend and had never found them... untill last faithful Saturday. I chose not to buy them because I was buying the ice cream below, and them someone brought some up to work. It was meant for me to try them. They were pretty dang good. But I sadly love double stuffed Oreo's better.  

MY FAVORITE Ice Cream of all time. I took this picture to send it to my mother (Who is also a die hard lover of it), This ice cream is on rotation so its rare to see it. When I do... I grab it up :)  


This Texas heat is HOT! The last couple days have been in the upper 90's for while we are at football practice.  Even though the temp has been high, the actually feel outside hasn't been as torture as last years. There has been a nice breeze the last couple days, as well as some cloud cover for our late afternoon practices. Which oh, geez, that makes a huge difference!! 

One thing about the beginning of the new football season is that it brings out Alumni and old students who want to come reminisce. I have had two days full of students who have graduated from here come back to say hello. But I have to say the best was two of my former Montgomery students (Where I haven't worked in now a full year) stopped by to say hello. They both graduated this year, and when I met them as sophomores I wasn't aware at how huge of an impact I would make on their lives.  Both came out and stood out at football practice with me for 3 hours. It was awesome. They are both great kids, with such inspiring futures. I am so blessed to be apart of their lives and help mold them into the people they are becoming. 

It got me thinking of the people who make such impacts on our lives without us knowing. I happen to tell my roommate the story of the journey I took to get accepted into TCU last night. Not to my surprise, I began to tear up just telling her the story. The women I talked about had such a huge impact on my life, that without her help through that year, I would never be where I am today. 

Hope everyone has someone who has made such an impact on their lives, and I hope that you take the time to realize that you could be that person as well. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to Work

Well it has come to that time of the year. Back to work time. That means this week has been filled with physicals, questions, and basically just getting ready for the mad rush of high school athletes that will be here Monday Morning. BRIGHT AND EARLY. 

I have been semi looking forward to coming back to work for about 3 weeks now. I have had the ultimate lazy/fun summer. I got to see alot of people, do alot of things, and really get to hang out. It has been quite nice and relaxing honestly. I like to be busy though. Being busy makes the days go by faster and its easier for me to stay in shape, and eat better. 

Just a small update. Got to get back to being productive at work :)