Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Half Marathon

On Sunday, Jen and I completed our first ever half-marathon.  It was called The Divas Half in Sunny and Beautiful Galveston Texas.

Sunny and Beautiful my butt!! It was cloudy, overcast, 100% humidity and gloomy. Thankfully there was a nice sea breeze that was going on though.

We started training for this half in December. Training went as well as expected. Had some great runs, some okay runs, and some down right crappy ones.  But overall I enjoyed the whole process. It was new for me to run with someone. My friend Julie is a big time runner and way to good/fast for me to have every run with. I enjoyed the conversations Jen and I had during our long runs. So, on race day, I thought I would be good. I had someone next to me that would make it enjoyable.

I was wrong. I don't know if I just had a really bad run, or what, but it was bad enough of a race that I am pretty sure I don't ever want to run a half again in my life.

                                             That me... on the left. I look stupid when I smile that early in the morning.

Here is my mini break down of the race.

1-4 were okay. I started to get tired around 3. Not sure why, I had done some GREAT 8 and 9 mile runs. I am talking GREAT!!

Around my 5, I started to panic about how much was left. I even sent Julie a text.

Me: This is the dumbest shit ever. Never again.
Julie: You're done?!?!
I had to giggle.. I only WISH I was done 
Me: Nope. Thinking of giving up
Julie: Do NOT give up. How much do you have left?
Me: 5 (wishful thinking).... 6 I lied.

This girl is great. She checked on me several times and was very motivating.

Poor Jen though. I was in tears at mile 6 and she stood by me and pushed me along.

5-8 were run/walk. Mostly a shuffle on my end. I have been having some chest pain and wasn't to happy about it. (I am going to the MD on Friday. No worries)

About mile 8 I sent A a text message

Me: If I finish... it will be a miracle
A: I'm sure you will. You're doing better than I ever would :)

                                                             That's my nope face.
A: haha

Around mile 10 I had a high. You know when people get drunk and start saying " I love you" to everyone? I was there. I kept telling Jen, that I wouldn't be able to get this far with her blah blah blah. The cop got a kick out of it.

10-11 Jen and I pushed through some major winds, and made some friends. This was their 5th half. (Made my secret goal... I will beat them.. I did!!) They were pretty cool, gave me some advice for if I ever get crazy and think of doing another one.

11-13.1. Jen left me in the dust! She had stuck my side up to this point, and I could tell she had it in her to push through faster than me, so she took off. She kept looking back to make sure I was still moving though.

13.1- Time 3:21.

We had a time limit of 3.5 to finish the race. Our goal was to finish in time and NOT be picked up in the bus. We accomplished that!!

I found Jen after the race and we sat down in between two cars on a curb. I lost it. I just bawled. I was so dang happy that it was over.

This magnet symbolizes finishing to me. Sounds stupid, but it means alot. 

I swear, I am not constipated in this picture, I was on the verge of tears and didn't want to cry in front of this stranger that I asked to take our picture. haha

My pretty sweet medal. Only get this if you finished within the 3.5 time limit. I did that! 

All in all, I didn't enjoy it like that I hoped I would. We will see what the future holds for me with running after this. As for the days after, I was okay Sunday. I am notorious for getting dehydrated and I did not get dehydrated this time. I was sore and hurt. But nothing more than expected. Yesterday, HOLY SORENESS!!! Most moves were difficult, plus I didn't sleep very well at all.  As of this morning, I am a little sore. Not nearly as bad as yesterday, but sore.   I shall live!!

Yelp, that is my story.  Thank you for reading it. Hope everyone has a great day :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finish This

I read this from Sarah @ Tucker Up this morning and just loved the prompts. So sorry Sarah but I am now following in your footsteps. :)

1. I don't get enough.... play time with the dog and the cat.  I wish I could sit down and play with them more, but right now I feel like I am go go go and things are never ending. I have learned that when I just lay around on the couch before bed, that I have a hard time going to sleep. Hence, I have been trying to keep myself busy (which isn't hard right now), indulge in some PM Yoga then its straight to bed. So what if its 930 or 10 at night. 5 am comes early.

our dog Jude 

My lovely cat Blue 

2. My favorite indulgence is.... Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. That stuff is like crack to me. I can buy a half gallon and I promise you that it will be gone in less than 48 hours. I am obsessed with it. Not as obsessed as my mother. I went over there the other day and I stole a small bowl of the it. When I was putting the carton back in the freezer outside I noticed THREE other cartons of it!! CRAZY!

3. I made a major change in my life when..... This is TBA. I may have some exciting news after a meeting set up for this week.

4.You should read..... Linda Fairstein. She is the ex Assistant District Attorney of Sex Crimes in NYC. She has a series called the Alex Cooper series. Basically Alex is the Assistant DA for Sex Crimes and there is a case and they try and figure it out. Sounds like Law & Order- SVU right? Well the catcher is that Linda puts a ton of history into the case. For example;  Death Dance is about the murder of a Ballerina. But it goes in great depth about the Ballet and the buildings that they are performed in and around NYC.  Hell gate is about a sex trade crime. But it goes into the history of NYC and sex trade. All historical factors are true. So it combines my love of Law & Order + History!

5. My secret ingredient is ..... Paprika. I use it to season my vegetables all the time. It gives it just a little extra kick.

Hope you enjoyed this!! Thank You Sarah for the great post today.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I am beyond lucky to have some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. This past weekend, A and I went to Las Colinas on Saturday for my besties wedding reception. She got married in Vegas in December, so this was her mini party back home.

We fully planned on leaving early Saturday morning, like 8 am. But in reality, we got on the road about 11. Which is fine with me. We took our time getting to the hotel, checked in and then took a trip to Cabelas. I found a perfect jacket for our honeymoon cruise, plus it was on sale! A made a comment that he thought I would get hot in it. Too bad the weather decided to prove him wrong, and Sunday morning was cold, rainy and in the LOW 40's. Considering I didn't pack anything but spring clothes, I popped the tag off that jacket and wore it!!

Saturday night was a blast. The reception was held at a restaurant called The Ranch. The food was amazing and it was an open bar. Considering that this was the 2nd time in 3 weeks to see this group of girls, the conversations never stopped and it was just a complete blast. A finally got to meet most of the girls, and of course his beard took over every conversations!! (I love his beard)

There is a random picture of  my shoes, because I wore those to a wedding, and this was the first time I wore them again. They were too big for me. Bonus- I tripped on the way to the bathroom and a random couple at the bar saw me, and bought me a shot of Firefly because the boyfriend busted out laughing when I tripped.

Sunday morning, A and I made a stop at a really cool Fuzzy's that had just opened. It was an old gas station converted to a restaurant. I loved it, and I loved the food. Their chicken quesadilla totally hit the spot of my hung over self. (Open bars are never a good thing). We stopped off at my besties parents house for brunch and then it was back to Houston we went.  Several hours later we finally made it home. This was my "It looks like the Walking Dead" moment. There was a wreck and the freeway was shut down for a while. It was kinda creepy when you reference The Walking Dead to it.

I started my 24 day Advocare challenge several days before we left for Las Colinas. So I made sure to pack all the necessary things I needed for the trip. I was impressed with myself. Has anyone else done this challenge?

All in all, It was a great weekend. This weekend, is my 1st Half Marathon and I am nervous and excited at the same time. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1st

April 1st. Pay Day. STAAR Testing Day. April Fools Day. Random Tuesday.  There are lots of great things about today. I can't not believe that it is already April. This year has just been flying by 

I made some goals for the month of March. Lets recap them and see if I did any better than I did in February. See here, if you don't remember how absolutely CRAPPY I did that month. 


1. Address AND Mail out invitations - Done
2. Send Thank You notes from my shower on the 22nd- Done
3. Actually do my training runs. Half Marathon is in April. Not much time to slack - I'll give myself a half and half. I did fairly decent. 
4. Fix my IRS crap!- Half and Half. Waiting on the IRS to do their part
5. Book Cake - Done
6. Book Hotel for wedding night -Done
7. Take dress to be altered - Done. First fitting is Thursday. 
8. Actually follow a cleaning schedule (does anyone have any good ones?) - Semi. I really started it last week. Its taking some getting use to 
9. Start buying bridesmaids gifts. - Have one more thing to get for them. 
10. Get an A in my 2 classes - 2 A's. 4.0 for this gal right here. 

Wow. I did way better than I originally thought I would have done.  Go me!!  Now lets see what  my goals for April should be. 


1.Finish Bridesmaids gifts
2. Follow cleaning schedule 
3. Finish my 1st ever half-marathon on the 13th. 
4. Go to Skyes Reception 
5. Stick to my Advocare 24 challenge that starts April 1st. 
6. Decorate our mantle in the living room
7. Find a chair for our bedroom. 

I think those are some pretty great goals. Hopefully I can get them accomplished. I have a TON of wedding goals that I would like to get accomplished in April. But I wont bore you with all those details. That will be another post at another date!