Monday, July 1, 2013

Half way thru 2013!!!

A friend posted on Facebook  that today marks the middle of the year and that it is a great time to look at those New Years Resolutions. What a great idea!!  So here we go

1. Pay off my current credit card debit (never a fun one) - This one was accomplished!!!! 

2. Get into Yoga.- I am slowly getting into this. I have been doing a version of yoga, or yoga 2 times a week. 

3. Run a 10 K- ACCOMPLISHED!! I am proud of that. May 25th. I ran my first 10K with Julie. It was pretty great.

4. Run the 10 for Texas- Signed up for that. It will be ran on October 12th. 

5. Go on a Cruise (One is already scheduled for March 7-11)- Yes, it was scheduled. I happen to be scheduled for the Triumph Cruise. After this major diaster. They cancelled the next 12 cruises. We were in that 12. Boo

6. Go to SantaWonderland during the Christmas Season- Not Christmas yet. 

7. Get a Job for the summer. (I get summers off from work.. lucky I know... but I get bored sometimes.) - Decided against this one. I planned to many trips :) 

8. Go see a great friend in Kansas this Summer- Wanted to, but the money just isn't there. 

9. Check off at least 1 state I have never been to.- Check!! Went to Ruidosa New Mexico last week. It was a great time! 

Not to bad! I am on track to accomplish all this year :) Exciting!!