Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta-Friday Link Up

 Friday, I love you!! Last Friday, I sadly missed the Link-Up. I actually had a Friday night off (That is super rare in the fall) so I decided to work on grad school stuff and relax. So I am back in full force for today's Insta-Friday Link Up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged 

I got to go on a private jet to a football game. 
I think that is pretty legit. 
I saw the sunrise
I saw the sunset

Oh my loving boyfriend
He slept on the plane ride to the game 
He will kill me if he sees I put this on here :) 

So we went to Anthonys parents house on Sunday to Celebrate his dads birthday
We watched football most the time 
These 2 did not watch the game

Wednesday night, Julie and I went Hooters with some other ATs in the area. 
She pointed this out 
I got a great laugh out it
I thought about ordering it
If the waitress had come over within 30 minutes of that thought
then again... she never came over.. I had to get up to get my own water
Good thing I wasn't paying

Dumb Replacement refs 
Please go to this website.... Replacement Google
It is hilarious
THANK GOD the real refs are back :) 

Someone put this on Facebook. It really hit home the day I read it. 

Can someone please point out the mistake?
Its okay if you don't see it right away
Neither did Mike or I
I finally caught it about 3 hours later....yes... 3 hours later

Anthony and I.
People like this picture.
I think its okay. 

Our Pilot/Anthony's roommate
Thank you Mike for flying us!!
Good Luck on your interview on the 1st!!! 

I tried something new with my hair on Sunday
It turned out quite well 
Will have to try it again some time soon!

Hope everyone has a great and exciting weekend. We are suppose to get rain all  Friday Night- Sunday Morning. I am one happy girl about that. Nothing better than laying on the couch and letting it rain outside! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Just a fair warning. This is a very listy post. 

So I have set some "Fall Goals". These goals have a deadline of January 1st. They are obtainable, and extremely specific goals. After my failure of summer goals- I am trying this again. I can't just give up because I failed the first time. 

1. See 179 lbs  (6 lbs away, but geez those are 5 hard lbs to lose during the holiday season) 
2. Get an 85 or higher in my 1st return to Graduate School Class
3. See a specific number in my savings. (I know it in my head)
4. Make Christmas and Halloween Wreath for the BF's house 
5. Pay off most recent capital one credit card. 

I also took a look back at my New Years Resolution and I want to make sure that those will be accomplished as well.  Here is my progress on them  

  1. Be more comfortable within my body.
 I do not think this will be accomplished in one years time. I think this will be an on going battle through the years. But I can say, that I am much more comfortable than I use to be. There is still some changes I'd like but over all, I am doing better. 
2. Quit Worrying/Expecting the worse. 
In my personal relationships- Accomplished!
 In my work enivronment- slowly getting there.  

3. Get my finances in order.
 Not where I want it to be at all

4.  Be more assertive at work and in personal life.
Totally on track to feel better about this one!! 

Things to look forward to this week: 

 Thirsty Thursday @ Painting with a Twist , New Private Practice-Tuesday, Greys-Thursday, Revenge-Sunday, Some Roommate time and Cat cuddling time, A Saturday Free of events!! 

How is everyone's new years resolutions coming along? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: There is no mistaking that it is Monday today. I am just not feeling you. I have a bad case of the Mondays. Dear Amon Carter Stadium: You are beautiful. Even though I agree with your new rules, I am officially not exempt from them. Boo. Dear Boyfriend: You are amazingly wonderful and your family makes me laugh. I am so glad that I am getting to make little inside jokes with different family members. They are making me feel very welcomed. Dear My family: I love that we are a TCU family and able to go watch games etc!! Dear Weight Watchers: I am starting your 8 week challenge to  Thanksgiving. This excites me for 2 reason. It is something to semi hold me accountable... second.... Thanksgiving is in 8 weeks!!! Dear upcoming weekend: I am excited that I have nothing planned for Saturday or Sunday. I foresee laying on the couch to happen both days. Dear PIC: I know you don't read this, but I need to give you a shout out. Congrats on your engagement. You better call me soon with details!!! 

Hope everyone is having a better Monday than me :) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Surprise Party!!!

My usual Monday post is a Dear Monday. Today is going to be different. I want to recap on the surprise birthday party I threw for my boyfriend last night. I am thankful that I had a TON of help. It was not as easy as I originally thought it would be.  BUT... he was super surprised and that made me so excited!! Here are some pictures........

 This was the awesome Batman Happy 27 Birthday Banner that I got.

Yummy cupcakes from The original Cupcakery. Party City now has personalized candles, balloons  confetti, EVERYTHING you could ask for!!  

We got 2 dozen of them! 

The old photos of Anthony that I found and put on display 

The appetizer/dessert table

Stupid Rain :(

The outside of the party!

A collage of majority of the people there!! ...... and of course a picture of the birthday boy!! 

My roommate Julie also did a mini recap of the party and said some very nice things. I am truly blessed to have a great roommate and friend.  (Isn't she beautiful?) 

That is all :) 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta-Friday Hook up & B-days

 Friday, Friday, Friday.... Its FRIDAY!!!   Lets hook up with Jeannett@Life Rearranged and see what I did this week :) 

So the last three pictures are from the storm that rolled in the other day. It was quite amazing to watch it. It was loud and awesome!! 

 So last night, we celebrated my boyfriends birthday. His actual birthday is today, but both of us are working all day, so last night was the only option. I tried to get his roommate to take a picture of us, but gosh, he is bad HORRIBLE at taking pictures. So I had to opt to taking it myself. Which sucked because my outfit was SUPER cute and SUPER stylish!! I had black ankle pants from Banana Republic, a Cute shirt from old navy and a pair of beige heels. 

The watch is the gift I gave him. He seemed to really like it.  

 This photo was taken this morning. I drove to work and it was not foggy at all. I stepped outside to make sure I had unlocked the door, and BAM... super foggy!! It was pretty cool though. 

This is all I have for today. I will post a super fun update either Sunday or Monday of a weekend recap. 

This is a pretty exciting weekend coming up and I can't wait for it!!! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is it Halloween yet?

The other day I came to the realization that in two pay periods (Because that is how I judge time) that it will be October 1st!!!! This made me probably as a excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. I have always loved to decorate, but have never been really good at it. That all changed when a little website called Pinterest was invented. I have found so many awesome thing that I want to do for Halloween and Christmas from it. I have two projects in mind. I am going to try and buy supplies for them this weekend. 

 1. Glass jars. These look super easy to make, and super convenient for both Holidays. 



2. Chalk board pumpkin!! I have seen so many ideas to use with chalk paint. I have finally found one that looks simple enough for me to try.  

Instead of writing Trick or Treat.. I am going to have a Halloween count down on it! 

3. BOO, EEK, CHRISTMAS letters. I have the Halloween paper already to make the Halloween ones.  


Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday: You are back again? It seems like just yesterday you were here. Boo. Dear Grad School: Things are not starting out as well as I had planned. I waited to long to order the book, now my assignment is late and I am slowly being reminded why I hate school, and questioning why in the world I went back. But I must continue, because I know deep down, a masters is what I need to get to the next platform in my career.  Dear Sunday: I can not wait for you to get here.. Its a secret to as why... I will explain next Monday :) Dear This week in general: I have a lot of stuff planned out for you. Need to get things ready for the boyfriends birthday on Friday, which we will be celebrating Thursday. Dear TCU Football: Thank you for a great 56-0 stomping on Grambling State this past weekend. It is nice to open the season up with a huge win like that. This Saturday should be a pretty good game @ Kansas. I don't have to work Saturday YAYY , So it will be a lazy day of watching College Football. Dear yesterday (Sunday): Thank you so dearly for allowing me to take 2 naps, sleep in, eat Mexican food, and lay around all day watching football. It was quite the perfect Sunday. 

Last but not least...

Dear Weather: You. Are. Amazing. Please stay for ever. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Insta-Friday Link Up :)

It is Friday again, and I love linking up with Jeannett for Insta-Friday. :) 

Every Friday, I start to do this link up and I think.. wow I don't remember any pictures that I took this week. So I look thru my camera roll. Also new pictures in there. So here is how my last week went.....

On Labor Day I acquired several new pieces of furniture. This was the TV stand that I got.  
I love it! 

So, This little fan has become a huge friend of mine in my locker room after workouts. I shower,
and I still cant get cooled off. Until I found this little friend. 
What a difference it has made!! 

This is our friends dog. She is probably the NICEST and most Gentle dog ever. She does not have many facial expressions so I am glad I caught this one. I am almost positive Anthony was telling her to stop 
barking... Her eyes say " Who do you think you are? You are not my dad"

I graduated from TCU in 2008 and my Brother is currently a student-athlete there now. He put Dream Big, because at the time he was trying out for the Football team. It has been his dream to be a TCU football player forever. This past Monday, his dream came true. He was informed that he made the team. Tomorrow he will suit up and be on the sidelines as a TCU Football Player. I am so proud of him. 

 This is how our Basketball Coach comes to watch Football practice. Laying down, on the pads, in the shade. 
 My Roommate and I!! As you can see, both of us are reppin' TCU. People need to learn we are not just TCU Alumni. We know TCU football. So don't start with us because you will be schooled by girls      
cough cough.....random boise state fan.....cough cough :) 
 Tomorrow is our season opener. This season has to huge things about it. 
1. We entered the Big 12
2. Brand new stadium renovation. All done by donated money. Not one cent in debt. GO FROGS!! 

I found these on pinterest on day. I was bored at home and tried to make them the other day. They work great! 

& Last but not least. This is a picture of two of my students from when I worked at a different high school. Both now high school graduates. Makes me proud. They are great kids. 

That is all. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend... and of-course.. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to work =

Football has started, school year started back and I am now on a regular schedule again. Which means I have to get my behind in gear and work out again.

I have always used the excuse that I like to be busy and it helps me work out.. blah blah... excuse excuse. So the problem is now that I am busy.... I have to work out. I sat around this morning and thought " I could work on grad school, I could do grades, I could.. do all sorts of things...... instead of walk my happy butt less than 600 feet into the weight room" I decided to get off my butt and lift. I dreaded changing, the fact that I would have to shower again, and really just did NOT want to do it. After it was all said and done, I am thankful I did it. I felt great, relieved, revived, just all around great.  I just need to remember this after feeling and make it concur that be fore feeling. 

One a small side note, over Labor Day weekend I got some grown up furniture. Julie and I's apartment is on the verge of being grown up but still has some college feel to it. I acquired 2 side tables with a MATCHING coffee table, and a new tv stand. This to me, is a big deal. I bought my couches 2 years ago and they were my 1st adult purchase. I have always had hammy down furniture.  I will have to take pictures tonight when I get home. 

Until tomorrow!! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday Labor Day: I am so use to having to work on Labor day, that when people are all excited about having a 3-day weekend, I look confused because it is only a normal weekend. One day weekend... aka Football season :) Dear Grad School: OPPS, I totally forgot to read over the weekend, it is going to take me some time to get use to being back in school. Dear Auction: I enjoyed the open house yesterday, and wish I could go to the actual auction today... but nope we have football practice......yaayyy (???) Dear running: Why does it feel like I ran a freaking marathon today?? Guess that is what I get for not running regularly anymore. Dear Brother: I am praying for good news today. I have faith in you and know you have given it your all... today is judgement day.... it will be good news. I know it.. 

and last but not least... Dear Boyfriend: I am glad you had fun at your Labor Day Boys Weekend in the Ozarks.... but I am even more glad that you are coming home today. 

Hope everyone has an enjoyable and great Labor Day!!!! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trials and Tribulations

In June, I made a trip to Kansas to see a great friend of mine. While there, we spent several evenings laying on the couch watching College Baseball and playing on Pinterest. We found some cinnamon rolls that we wanted to make ohhh so bad. Buuuutttttt this picture describes how they turned out. 

We went to the store and bought all the things we needed. I took step by step pictures because I had high hopes that this would turn out like the pictures!

At this point we knew we weren't going to be successful, but decided to attempt and finish 

We were pretty sad that they were not going to turn out perfect

Our turnout  is on the Left.......................what they are suppose to look like on the right! 

so as you may see... we NAILED IT!!! :) They tasted pretty dang good though!!