Monday, March 31, 2014

Crawfish and Cra Cra weather

Weekends are by far my favorite time. I love when we have nothing scheduled, and we can just sleep in, and be lazy all day. This was not a weekend of free-time.

Friday night I had baseball and softball games scheduled to play. The weather great for most the afternoon. But BAM game time = crazy storm that moved in. We had to move softball to another day and baseball had to play on Saturday.  The storm that moved in produced some crazy clouds and even some hail. 

Saturday morning we went to pick up the crawfish from the dealer guy and ended up seeing our neighbors waiting for the same guy. It is so funny where we see our neighbors randomly. A's company had their annual crawfish boil and it was a complete blast. There were a total of 4 batches of crawfish and I got uncomfortably full after each and ever batch. But free crawfish makes me happy and full :)

I could go on and on about what a great weekend it was, but I have to work on some wedding things.  So here is my photo dump of the weekend. 

Hope everyone has a great day. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday could not come soon enough. This week has been just dragging on. But it is Friday, and I am so excited.

Wedding invitations are in the mail!! I put them in the mail Wednesday afternoon and I am so relieved that they are finally out. I got a couple text messages from people yesterday,  saying that they received their invitation and how pretty they were. For some reason, I stressed majorly over the invitations. The biggest stressor was addressing them. I made quite a few mistakes. I didn't want anyone to get addressed in the wrong way. There is one invite that I made a mistake on, and still sent it. I thought it was a funny little mistake, she reads this blog so I am curious to see if she finds it. I swear, it was my sub-conscience who wrote it that way!! :-)

Bridesmaids gifts are almost done!! I lucked out  big time last night. I went to Target and was just browsing along. I found a part of the gift that I was going to buy somewhere else for my more expensive. I ended up having to drive to The Woodlands store because the Conroe store only had 2 and I needed 4. But that is one more thing I can knock off my list!! There is one more small part that I need to get next week, and then they are done. 


Do you ever read your fortune cookie at an Asian restaurant and think it doesn't relate to your life at all? Well the above fortune, plays right into my life. I had recently sent an e-mail asking for a response. The e-mail that I got last week, in response, was a GREAT e-mail. I know this is vague. But I don't want to talk to much about it, till everything is official. Pray for me that it will happen. 

A's company is having its annual crawfish boil tomorrow. 150 lbs of crawfish. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I love crawfish. This will be free crawfish. No other description is needed. Who else loves crawfish? 

I get married in 51 days, and there is still so much left to do. I feel like it is a never ending task. But I love it, and I am so excited to be able to marry my best friend, and spend the day with some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Monday, March 24, 2014

3:30 Am

What a weekend!! 

I went to Fort Worth on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend up there. For as little sleep that I got, it was a refreshing weekend, with a wake up call in life thrown in there.

Friday and Saturday morning were spend hanging out with my mom and brother. I love them. It was great to just catch up and talk about life. I wish my dad could have been there, but he is away on a business trip.

Let me start off by saying that I had my first bridal shower and it was so much fun, and strange. It was great to see some old friends, and family that I haven't seen in a while. My aunt and grandmother threw me the shower at the club house of their condo residence and it was gorgeous. Very simple and elegant. It was a recipe shower so people sent in their favorite recipes. I am trying one of them this week, and will have to let everyone know how it goes. I wish I had taken ONE picture while I was there, but I didn't. I was too wrapped on seeing people and catching up. I say that it was strange, because all the attention was on me. It was awkward opening gifts and having to show everyone what it was, it was awkward when people would ask me about A and the wedding. I never really know what to say.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Saturday night was an experience. I have this group of girlfriends in north Texas that are just plain awesome. We all know each other from difference experiences but yet, we all get along and just have a blast together. I was not in the mood/idea that it was going to be a "Night out on the town" but I was wrong. We started off with dinner at Mannys, proceeded to a really cool place called The Rustic and ended the night as the wild and crazy dancing old women at some bar called 6th street.  By the time we got back to Euless it was almost 3:30 am... AM!! But it was a night of laughs, and great memories made. I didn't realize how much I missed those girls until that evening.

Yes, there is a picture of two of them on their phones because for some reason, this group LOVES snap chat (and group chats in general)We would have conversations with a girl at the other end of the table, thru snapchat. It is quite hilarious and I have some GREAT screen shots that I promised I wouldn't put on Facebook :)

I mention in the beginning that there was a wake up call involved in the weekend. My bestie and I woke up Sunday  morning to some bad news. One of the girls that was with us, had been pulled over on the way home and was currently sitting in jail for a DWI. I didn't drink enough to be worried about me, but it seemed to really punch me in the stomach. Should I have done more to stop her from driving? What could I have done differently?  I thought about it the entire way home and the consciences that she will face and how it will change her life, and it really made me be thankfully for my life.

Overall, I would give the weekend an A. It was MUCH needed for my overall mentality of life. I have been struggling with my job/career and it was good to change it up and remember the good times in life.

We are about 55 days away from the wedding, so things are about to get CRAZY BUSY and I am SO excited for it. It still all seems surreal. But I am ready. If all goes right, invitations will go out sometime this week, and I can start working on the small details of the wedding. EEKKK

Well, I need to get some work done. Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break

I usually do a 5 on Friday link up, but I am on Spring Break and going to enjoy it. 

I will be back next week! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday

I love this link up.
Link  up 

Today is FINALLY Friday. This week at work, has been really crazy. We had a day when the power was on and off for 80% of the day, we have had animal control come out for several strange animal situations, and to top it off, Tuesday was a feels like of 20 for most the day. We had a ton of ice and the trees looked like we were in a Winter Wonderland. It was beautiful.

I think I made a 4.0 for these two classes. I know for sure I made an A in one class. I took the final last night and got a 93.33.  I was never very good/interested in school in college so I am really excited now when I make an A in a class. It is strange, but I am accepting it! 

SPRING BREAK. Yep, at 230 today, I will officially be on spring break. It is VERY needed this year. I have been really struggling with my job and I need a break.

I am hoping to get wedding invitations addressed, stuffed and out by march 28th. My goal is to do majority of them over spring break so that I wont be as stressed when we come back to work. 

FINALLY, after almost 8 months of dealing with IRS and a problem with my taxes from 2011, I have an answer to the problem. The blame has been placed on SHSU, the IRS, back to SHSU, to the IRS and finally the truth has come out. SHSU is to blame. They did not fill out  the 1098-T correctly, and now I begin the battled to get the "amount due" erased, AND to get my 2013 tax refund given back to me, since the IRS thought it was acceptable to take it. 
For future reference if you ever have to deal with the IRS, never accept the first answer you get. Call and Call again. Find an intelligent person who is willing to take the time, to dumb it down and have it make sense to you. I went through going to the IRS office and calling them a handful of times, until I talked to the right person. A person who made up for all the previous idiots, I dealt with. 

well I hope everyone has a great week. I am planning on it!! 

If you are new visiting from 5 for Friday, Hello!! Thank you for stopping by :) Hope you come back. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Goal Recap + March Goals

Can you believe that it is already March? I feel like it was just Christmas a few weeks ago. It blows my mind how quickly these past few months have gone by. 

I started doing monthly goals in February. I must say that when I am looking at them now, I don't think I did very good. Lets see.... 

February Goals 

1. Finish my Kettle Worx program.- Nope. I am 1 week from finishing. I started just doing the workouts on days when I needed upper body or lower body and didn't want to go to the gym. A and I joined the YMCA again, so we have been trying to make it there a couple times a week. 

2. Run every run in the Half Marathon plan- Nope. I did MUCH better than I have been, but nope. The weather has been up and down, and I really hate to run on the treadmill. 

3. Address my invitations- Nope. BUT I have a valid reason. My invitations didn't come with inner envelopes, even though the lady I ordered them from said they did. So she has been trying to get me some. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

4. Follow a cleaning schedule for the entire month- Nope, Never even started. 

5. Eat wheat-free 5/7 days of the week- Nope, what is wheat-free?? I need to really work on this one. 

6. File my taxes (yay for a refund!)- Well, I filed. The IRS kept my refund because of a mistake on Sam Houston State University from 2011. I am STILL fighting this issue. I find it funny, I didn't certified mail the check I sent to the IRS and they got that, but an explanation of why I don't need to pay more money... they didn't get that. OF COURSE!!!! 

7. Take my wedding dress to get altered- Nope. Going tomorrow hopefully 

8. Organize the guest bathroom closet- Nope, wow.... I suck a goals. 

9. Try a 5 recipes from my wheat belly cook book- hahahahaha no 

10. Book cake for the Wedding.- Haven't booked it BUT A did decide on what he wants. So, I need to go book it next week. 

11. Start A's wedding gift.- Done!! 

12. Send out list for Bridal Showers.- Done!!! 

Well I didn't do too great. That is obvious. Lets see if I can do better in March. 


1. Address AND Mail out invitations 
2. Send Thank You notes from my shower on the 22nd
3. Actually do my training runs. Half Marathon is in April. Not much time to slack 
4. Fix my IRS crap!
5. Book Cake 
6. Book Hotel for wedding night 
7. Take dress to be altered 
8. Actually follow a cleaning schedule (does anyone have any good ones?) 
9. Start buying bridesmaids gifts. 
10. Get an A in my 2 classes 

Hopefully I will do better for March. Wish me luck!! 

Does anyone else make monthly goals? Do they work for you?  Let me know! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Random Mondays

I have noticed that unless I have a very specific topic to write about, it is hard for me to just write a blog post.  So today's will just be a post of random information.

I ran my 2nd 10K this past weekend. I did decently better than my 1st one, that was approximately a year ago. I PR'd with a time of 1:22. Yes, that means I am SLLLOOOWWW. I ran 6.2 miles in one hour and 22 minutes. I saw this awesome shirt on Pinterest.

That shirt pretty much sums up my running efforts. But you know what? I ran it. 

We have officially decided on what type of cake A will  get for his grooms cake AND the design on it!!! He took longer than I did!! I am super excited for it. It is a YUMMY flavor. 

One of the bonuses of working for a school district is that we get some of the holidays that the kids get. So, I am happy to announce that next week, I will be on spring break. Yep. Sadly, it wont be like a "Mexican vacation, drunken time" spring break. It will be nice and relaxing, with some house cleaning and baseball games involved.

Last but not least, I am over Texas (and really the whole country) not deciding what kind of weather will stick around for more than 3-4 days. It is currently 30 degrees, with a feels like of 21. BTW yesterday, it was like 70 with 100% humidity. 

Hope everyone stays warm!!