Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Calm Down!!

I hate the words Calm Down. I hate even more when I am upset about something and someone tells me to calm down. I feel like the person telling me to calm down doesn't respect the fact that I am upset. Which leads me to this post. I get upset/worried about the stupidest things ever. My mom is a huge worrier and I swear, that is one of the ONLY things I got from her. 

Example: Last week I took my mom to the airport bright and early. She was going to NYC but meeting my dad in DC first. She told me to text her in about 30 minutes to make sure she got to her gate okay and everything. So once I got home, I called her. No answer. I texted. No answer. So I thought maybe she just didn't hear her phone. I waited a little bit. About 30 minutes later.. Nothing.  So I panicked. And by panic I mean... Kinda had tears, emailed my mom several times, blew up her phone, called my dad, texted my husband and pretty much went into "I've watched way too many dateline episodes mode".  Finally about 20 minutes later my phone rang... It was my mom. Her phone was at the bottom of her purse and she didn't hear it ring. WOW I panic  and am screwed when I have kiddos. 

I am currently waiting to hear from a lady about a potential job and I am inpatient as all get out. I am panicking on the inside that I didn't get it and I am back to square one.  Well I happen to text my husband about it today and this was his response. 


The Fortune cookie says "Don't Panic" Oh how he knows me so well. 

Well off to do more work!! Have a great day and hope you enjoyed reading my extremely random Post! 

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