Friday, September 19, 2014

5 on Friday

I like list. So I love 5 for Fridays and since it is our bye week at work, I actually have time to think today!! 

I am wearing a pair of wind pants that I got while in college. I put them on this morning and they still fit. Amazing, except I remember now why I don't wear them. The inside of them are itchy because they are THAT old. Julie-  you know what pair I am talking about!!! 

It has been a rainy 3 days here in north Houston. I love rainy weather. It just makes me want to curl up and watch trashy tv shows. Too bad I have a jammed packed weekend and a TON of things to do to get organized for the weekend. 

Speaking of a ton of stuff to do this weekend. I have a jammed packed weekend ahead of me. Tonight is girls night! I am getting to see some girls I haven't seen in a while. We are going Top Golf. I have never been and have heard great things about it.  Tomorrow- I am helping host a baby shower for a great friend, then it is my hubbys 10 year high school reunion and THEN we are going to his parents house on Sunday afternoon to watch the Texans game and celebrate his birthday and his dads. Jammed pack I tell you!! But I am looking forward to all of it. 

I updated my phone last night to the IOS 8. I think I like it so far. Not to many changes that I could tell. Just little things. BUT the big thing is that you have to have 4.6 GB of available space to download the update. I only had 1.1 GB of space, so I had to go thru and delete a bunch of stuff. I had 5.3 GB just in messages. I made the decision to delete ALL my message except the ones from my pawpaw. That free'd up all the room I needed :) 

I am sad/happy to admit that I listened to Christmas music yesterday. I was in a mood and needed something to put me in a much happier mood and Christmas music does it for me. I instantly was happier and ready to tackle the world!! Is that strange? 

Hop everyone has a great weekend! 

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